What is the Sustainable Travel & Transportation Network, and why should I join?

STTN is the first-of-its-kind network for Travel & Transportation buyers, facilitators, suppliers, owners, executive staff, senior managers, and industry entrepreneurs interested in innovation and developing more sustainable operations and services.

STTN’s mission is to provide the information, tools, certifications, and professional networking to help our members understand what sustainability is, why you should be interested, how to get started, and what a sustainable organization looks like.

STTN also welcomes ESG, EHS, and other sustainability professionals to join to explore “travel” and its potential impact on their carbon footprint, social equity, and their organization’s policies.

STTN is a new kind of company, one that addresses and understands “sustainable travel” issues, provides online and in-person opportunities to share insights and successes with colleagues and like-minded professionals, and equips its members with the tools, training, resources, and guidance to many different types of members, including:

  • Operational executives and managers in travel-related service companies want to understand more about sustainability’s role in their business but are unsure how to start. Lacking the time or resources needed to research the many sources and types of information (much of which doesn’t apply to “Travel” services), we provide easy-to-digest information, toolkits, third-party certifications, and expertise. Our goal is to help our members start including sustainability as a part of their company’s core values.
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners interested in expanding a sustainable services division or even a start-up company need human and technical expertise to start the process. Whether interested in incorporating proven sustainability elements as part of their core offering or as part of their business operations, STTN and our partners help members understand and explore the many new opportunities that a commitment to sustainability presents.
  • C-Suite members or Boards of Directors understand that sustainability has become the new business reality and business success and sustainability are inextricably intertwined. As a result, innovative leadership is required more than ever. Therefore, STTN optimizes “professional connections,” helping to deliver expertise through our network of travel, transportation, tourism, and sustainability professionals.
  • Corporate Travel Managers, Travel Agencies, and TMC Staff are often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information on programs and policies. While these buyers/facilitators still want to incorporate sustainability into their programs, they may have little idea of what to do and where to start. STTN’s partners and members help each other tap into effective policies and practices even when working with limited budgets and time.
  • Individuals and employees who are without the opportunity to contribute to the “triple bottom line” in their current positions know that the possibilities offered by greater efficiencies and smaller budgets often result from innovation. STTN provides the tools, training, and guidance to identify policies and procedures that can be integrated into existing positions or provide for new career paths.
  • Chief Sustainability Officers, staff members, analysts, and consultants often spend much of their time as “generalists.” However, “Travel, transportation, and Tourism” represent many different types of companies and services, which presents many challenges to buyers. STTN will provide the focus and intimate industry knowledge to help ensure accuracy and transparency in ESG reporting and facilitate the establishment of sustainable “Travel” value chains.

Whether or not you have the word “sustainability” in your job description, it is increasingly important that everyone from the C-Suite to the maintenance staff understand what sustainability means, both as a concept and as a set of decisions and actions impacting your organization.

Few jobs require or even provide the chance to step back and think about the big picture and the impact that “Travel” has on our everyday existence. So, irrespective of your job function or the sector of the industry you work in, you will find that STTN has much of the information, guidance, and tools that will be directly relevant and worth exploring on your journey.

Climate Change

Climate change is often defined as a long-term, large-scale shift in weather patterns and global temperatures. While climate change has been a part of the earth’s evolution for millions of years, when we refer to “climate change” today, we are typically referring to the change in weather patterns and global shifts in temperatures caused by human activity.

There are many causes of climate change. According to the United Nations, “fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas – are by far the largest contributor to global climate change, accounting for over 75 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions and nearly 90 per cent of all carbon dioxide emissions.”

The United Nations website continues to state that “as greenhouse gas emissions blanket the Earth, they trap the sun’s heat. This leads to global warming and climate change. The world is now warming faster than at any point in recorded history. Warmer temperatures over time are changing weather patterns and disrupting the usual balance of nature. This poses many risks to human beings and all other forms of life on Earth.”

The impact of climate change is exceptionally disastrous. Today the world is beginning to feel the effects of climate change on our environment, the earth’s creatures, and society. The repercussions of climate change include higher temperatures and extreme weather events. A warming, rising ocean, is leading to higher sea levels and more acidity that jeopardizes marine life. Climate change poses a risk to many animal and plant species and again, according to the United Nations, the world is losing species 1,000 times faster than at any other time in recorded history.


Well, it often depends on who you ask, but the “official” definition was created in 1987 when a definition of sustainability was provided by the Brundtland Commission of the United Nations. “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” is the most widely used definition of sustainable development today.

The ”three pillars” represent sustainability’s three most fundamental aspects:  economic viability, environmental protection, and social equity. All three pillars impact each other directly and indirectly – none of the pillars stand alone.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) map out the strategy and tactics to tackle the world’s most crucial sustainability challenges. The SDGs include goals related to ending poverty, providing access to education, protecting and preserving life, fixing inequalities, and tackling climate change.

Sustainability and Business

According to the UNWTO, it is: “Travel that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities.”

Whether we’re talking about business travel or sustainable tourism, the practical applications of the principles of sustainable travel are the same. The bottom line is to do what you can to reduce the negative impacts on the environment, society, and economy as you travel.

It is good business. According to Skift, “the travel industry has a responsibility to help the same communities it profits from. The sector also needs to accept that green business practices will be the next major competitive advantage for brands selling to consumers and business travelers alike.”

The short answer is customer demand. In the 2019 sustainable travel report by Booking.com, the findings show that 72% of travelers believe that we must act immediately and begin to make sustainable travel choices. Furthermore, of the people surveyed, 73% did not know how to or could not afford measures that improved the sustainability of their travel. This can be seen as evidence that the industry needs to make swift changes to meet its customers’ demands.

Our world is in a state of profound transformation. As a result, how we travel and our travel experiences significantly impact our ecosystem. For example, according to a recent study, travel accounts for around 5% of global warming due to the C02 emissions that come from air travel, among other things. But it’s not just about emissions—traveling can also lead to water overuse, land degradation, improper waste disposal, greenhouse gas emissions, and more.

According to McKinsey & Co., sustainability is increasingly important for organizations to remain relevant and competitive. Driving sustainability requires businesses to transform every aspect of their operations, sales, and finances. Sustainability for corporations and other companies plays out across three areas, in the now well-known acronym for Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG).

Furthermore, sustainability reduces costs and can affect operating profits by up to 60%, according to McKinsey & Company. Being sustainable also increases productivity, as a Deloitte study shows that companies with an inclusive culture have 27% higher profitability and 22% greater productivity.

Travel industry buyers and sellers interested in growing their businesses and thriving in challenging markets must embrace a sustainable business model and procurement plan from the outset. Here are some of the reasons how you will benefit:

  • Future proof your travel operations against the imminent legislative changes mandating sustainability disclosure and reporting
  • Boost brand loyalty and reputation
  • Drive increased traveler compliance and instill a willingness to make changes in the way that they travel
  • Stay ahead of the curve and give your organization a competitive edge
  • Strengthen your reputation within your own company, the travel, and general business communities
  • Attract the best talent available and dramatically improve staff retention
  • Drive cost savings and profitability
  • Create increased transparency as you build on the idea that sustainability measurement and monitoring will improve performance
  • Encourage social entrepreneurship, where entrepreneurs start to address social issues, environmental issues, and “business intrapreneurship,” where employees become involved in the journey to sustainability
  • Develop a process to identify and address travel risks related to important global socio-environmental issues, such as equal opportunities, freedom of association, health and safety, human rights, child labor, inclusivity and diversity, ending modern slavery, climate change’s impact on the travel value chain and more.

The Sustainable Travel & Transportation Platform and Technology

The member portal gives STTN members access to their account information, including their payment history. In addition, members’ documents, certificates of insurance, operating authorities, and other required licenses, are all available on the portal, exclusively for that member’s use. Members can also make payments through the doorway and set up automatic payments.

Go to the STTNetwork.com Member Portal, click “Member Login,” or use this direct link. Hyperlink to the member sign-in page. Then, enter the member’s email and password and click “Login.”

To pay by credit card, please log in to the member portal and click “Make a Payment.” Unfortunately, we cannot process credit card payments over the phone.

First, make sure that you have logged into an active membership account. Then, if you are still unable to access the content, please email STTN’s membership staff at [email protected] and attach a screenshot of the error message being shown, along with a link to the content you are trying to access.

Each member can log in and stay logged in to two devices simultaneously. This is to ensure each member can access STTNetwork.com as conveniently as possible. If you log in to more than two devices, one of your previously logged-in devices will automatically be logged out.

The STTN platform is compatible with all modern browsers.

Sustainable Travel & Transportation’s platform is built with industry-standard security practices. In addition, STTN employs strict policies to protect your data. Your information is never shared with anyone.

We use SSL technology to protect credit cards and personal information. We never share a member’s personal information with anyone. In addition, we never store a member’s credit card information on our site. Protecting our members’ privacy is our highest priority.

We accept all standard credit and debit cards, as detailed when you complete your purchase. In addition, you can choose between US dollar ($), GBP (£), or Euro (€) values depending on your location.  Contact [email protected] for more information.

All annual membership fees are charged once STTN accepts the membership application and makes payment. Annual fees will be prorated and expire on December 31st of the first year of membership. For example, if a member joins in June, their payment will be processed for six months, and the full-year membership will be processed on January 1st of the following year. All member renewals will automatically renew on January 1st of each year, and we will send you a reminder seven days before. If a member does nothing, we will charge the payment method selected. Members can cancel their memberships at any time.

Your membership will automatically renew at the current full membership price applicable to your membership category.

You may cancel your membership by email within 30 days of becoming a Member or renewing your membership and receive a full refund for the current membership period (see Terms of Services). A member may cancel at any other time, but no refund will be given. You will receive a reminder seven days before your renewal date. Your selected payment method will be charged the full membership fee if you do nothing. To cancel at any time, contact customer service via [email protected].

STTN Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or similar platforms for webinars. We use platforms such as Hoppin or other similar platforms for our larger online events.

If a password is lost or forgotten, a member can navigate to their login page in the members portal and select “Forgot Password” below the login and then follow the prompts.

After three failed login attempts, the system will automatically lock the member’s account. Next, select “Forgot Password” and follow the prompts to reset the password.

Follow the directions in the footer of every email: “Unsubscribe or Change Preferences.” In addition, email preferences can be indicated on your member profile in the members portal.

Membership in The Sustainable Travel & Transportation Network

No. STTN Members are organizations in or related to the travel industry. They are ready to make or advance their commitment to a more sustainable operation and are dedicated to making the world and society a much better place. All membership applications are subject to review by STTN’s Membership Staff. Please note that the receipt of payment with the application does not constitute an approved membership application.

STTN is committed to equitable and lasting sustainable actions that address the needs of travel & transportation industry members from all sectors. We believe that the most extraordinary possibilities and successes come from working towards sustainability together, regardless of where in travel we work.

The “Top Five Reasons” to join STTN are to:

Connect with colleagues through online and in-person networking events, social media, webinars, and roundtable discussions;

Participate in member-only education sessions with sustainability experts and leaders on sustainability issues, practices, and new technologies.

STTN provides each member with a no-cost sustainability self-assessment that measures a company’s sustainability efforts.

Access a member-only online knowledge bank of sustainability-related information and tools to support their journey.

“Done for you” carbon emissions reporting and certification with guidance from sustainability experts on developing a unique emission reduction plan.

STTN members pay an annual subscription fee, providing them exclusive access to the training, carbon emission reporting & certification, tools, and information to help drive sustainability in their organizations and the greater travel industry. With buyer and investor awareness of sustainability on the rise, STTN membership demonstrates your company’s commitment to sustainable travel and transportation to other businesses and consumers.

When you join STTN and become a member, you will have a reserved seat for all our meetings and networking get-togethers where each member is encouraged to network and showcase their position in the travel & transportation industry. In addition, one member a month is drawn for the opportunity to be the member spotlight in the STTN newsletter, where we will publish a questionnaire about the member and their company.  In addition, all members can submit announcements on our social media.

STTN is not the creator of knowledge but the connection to knowledge. STTN believes that we are much more valuable to our members and the travel community building an integrated community of travel & transportation, regardless of sector, and filling specific needs through existing expertise. STTN prides itself as a facilitator that listens to the travel community’s challenges, then addresses them by engaging experts that have proven to be the “gold standard” providers of sustainability tools, certifications, and training. STTN is laser-focused on creating an equitable and open community network.

STTN offers carbon accounting to determine your “footprint” and certifications after an audit of your reporting. STTN also makes training programs and tons of resources to save time and money as they commit to being more sustainable. In addition, we offer how-to guides, sample policies, “tips sheets,” links to other companies and products, and more. Members also get discounts on our training courses and templated marketing resources

Travel is a Global business; therefore, STTN offers global best practices, trends, research results, and tools to help you in any position in the travel & transportation industry, regardless of location or where your company is headquartered. The STTN carbon calculators, sample policies, how-to guides, “tip sheets,” and an online community help address global challenges.

STTN Certifications

Our Sustainable Travel Certification is informative, friendly, and affordable. Find out what you’re already doing and get expert advice about what to work on next. Also, find out what level of certification for which you qualify.

Find out what level of certification is best suited for your type of company and sector by going to see the various membership requirements and follow the instructions to start your certification process.

Becoming certified is very affordable. Please go to our membership fee and application to see the certification requirements and associated costs. We work to provide the very best certifications at the most affordable prices. In addition, STTN removes barriers that dissuade travel sellers and buyers from becoming more sustainable.

How long certification takes depends a lot on each member. Environmental credentials require multi-step processes, including collecting and inputting the appropriate data into the emissions accounting software. STTN’s environmental accounting partner (GreenFeet) provides sustainability professionals to assist our members with data input and calculations. These experts will also assist in establishing your first environmental plan, tracking successes, and making adjustments over time.

Depending on the training courses selected by a member, the required training for the STTN Sustainability Certificate takes anywhere from a couple of hours in one day to eight hours conducted over several weeks.

Once you have completed all the certification requirements, it usually takes two weeks for STTN to process all the paperwork and issue you your certificates (environmental and societal) and marketing materials.

The STTN Certifications are conducted by emissions accounting and third-party certifying partners that follow established frameworks and standards. They are very well-reputed companies that will stand up to intense scrutiny.

Our leading travel and sustainability professionals develop and conduct our training courses.

Should a member’s customers or competitors notify us of a concern or believe an error has been made, they may contact STTN at [email protected]. STTN will investigate the matter, and should corrections be required, the member company will be given 60 days to correct the problem. After that, STTN will report to the complainant and member company by emailing our findings and remedies (if any) required.

Certification should be done every two years to get credit for your improvements and continue to use the STTN badges. STTN Membership is annual and must be renewed yearly to keep you up-to-date on the ever-changing landscape of environmental and social certification and to use STTN’s badges or marketing materials.

The rule of thumb is that you must certify each location separately unless the management and services provided are similar to your headquarters’ operation and services. However, our sustainability experts will provide more specific information on a case-by-case basis.

If the certification is based on a scientific framework and standards, we will accept this certification after reviewing the certifying body’s credentials and frameworks utilized to calculate emissions. The certificate must be for the current year and meet all STTN’s environmental and social standards. There will be a one-time annual fee for processing outside certifications.

Most certifications are, in our view, weak, or they are too onerous and expensive. By partnering with companies well experienced in carbon accounting, we can offer environmental certification that is 1) specific to the travel & transportation services sector, 2) supported by sustainability experts to help with the emissions calculations and reporting, 3) affordable for small and large companies alike, 4) based on hard science, including compliance with the GRI, CDP or other internationally recognized frameworks and standards 5) provide industry-specific reports for both members and their clients.

In other words, STTN identified and partnered with select experts to offer our members the most complete, relevant certifications for the travel and transportation sector.

STTN’s environmental certification partners provide our members with certifications based on science and also comply with internationally recognized frameworks and standards. STTN has also compiled the resources, tools, and training that rounds out our program to address societal and human needs. Our programs call on each of our members to:

Minimize their use of non-renewable resources and energy

Eliminate the use of toxic materials and pollutants

Help to preserve and restore critical ecosystems and their functions

Address societal and human needs in their organizations, local communities, and the travel & transportation sector

STTN general information

No. the Membership Logo is proof of your status as a member of STTN. STTN member organizations may use the STTN membership logo for the sole purpose of acknowledging their membership. The logo may not suggest an endorsement of members’ products or services. The use of the logo must immediately cease when membership is inactive or at the request of STTN.

As soon as you process your membership application and pay your annual fee, you’ll receive your first welcome email to guide you through signing in to the STTNetwork.com website and Member Portal. You’ll also receive access to all of our content on STTNetwork.com, an invitation to join our member community on LinkedIn, and several other member resources. In addition, your weekly member emails will start rolling into your inbox.

All memberships will auto-renew on January 1st of each year. A new member can join anytime, and the membership will be prorated. On January 1st, it will renew at full price. Membership fees are non-refundable.

No. STTN membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Dues and subscriptions paid to STTN are NOT deductible as charitable contributions for federal tax purposes. However, they may be taken as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Members should seek the advice of their financial and accounting professionals.

If you want our W-9, don’t hesitate to contact us  with your request. Please include your name, company, phone number, and email address.

There are membership types for each travel industry sector for buyers and sellers. Visit the Membership Types page to learn about each membership type and the annual fees for each.

To update a Member Directory listing, sign in to the Member Portal. Once logged in, members can update the company info, pay invoices, and update communications preferences.

We offer members significant business exposure through a broad range of unique sponsorship opportunities. See our complete list of Sponsorship Opportunities to learn more about the high-profile options and get your brand in front of your constituency.

STTN’s Automatic Renewal Program is a convenient way to renew memberships without interruption. Your credit card will automatically be charged the relevant fees for the renewal period during the month of your membership expiration. To be eligible for STTN’s Automatic Renewal Program, you must be an active STTN member at the time of enrollment. To enroll in or unsubscribe from STTN’s Auto Renewal Program, simply log into (where do they go to) and click on (what do they click on?).

By opting for Automatic Renewal, you authorize STTN on an automatic annual basis to:

1. Renew your STTN membership.

2. Charge the membership and subscription fees to the credit card listed in your member profile.

STTN collects demographic data of STTN members so that we can better understand our membership and how STTN activities and other offerings are utilized. to improve our understanding of our membership and how members participate in our activities and other offerings. STTN does not report on individual members, we only report on anonymized data in the aggregate. STTN guarantees our members that we will never share this information with outside parties.

In-person and online training, meetings, and events

For information about STTN’s annual conferences, contact us at [email protected]


Our workshops run for 3 hours and take an in-depth look at different sustainability topics. Workshops are only available to members at a discounted fee.


Webinars also have a fee attached. They are charged as they are more in-depth, discussion-based, and “hands-on” in nature.


Program-based learning covers a range of topics. These can take place in person, or online, depending on the subject and physical location of the course instructor. Fees are variable depending on the type of course.

Monthly Community

We run regular STTN community get-togethers periodically throughout the year.

STTN Conferences.

Our annual conference takes place in a different venue each year. It brings hundreds of sustainable travel enthusiasts worldwide to our educational events, networking events, supplier exhibit halls, and supplier-sponsored events.

A live event is a streamed webinar that includes discussion and Q&As. A recording of the live event will be emailed to you within two weeks of the event.

A recorded event is not a live stream and therefore does not include discussions. A link to the recorded event will be emailed to you upon request.

The STTN Job Board

Any organization that an active member represents. The member may be an owner/CEO or a company’s senior management member.

To post a job, visit the employer section of the job board and then follow the instructions given.

It costs $150 to post a Premium Listing (listed for up to 30 days). Our Premium Listings have better positioning on the job board, are featured on the website and social media, and receive more views from jobseekers.

STTN also offers a $50 primary listing option (listed for up to 15 days).

Employers are limited to 3 free listings per month. To remove the limit on basic listings, please get in touch with us.

STTN does not allow job postings in the following cases:

1) An employer charges an application or participation fee. If you are charging a fee for a program, you can contact us about our advertising opportunities.
2) A Job falls outside the focus area of sustainability or any website categories. Please contact us. If you are uncertain whether your job meets these criteria, please contact us.
In addition, we reserve the right to reject any job posting for any reason.

We are building a global network of sustainable travel professionals or jobseekers wanting greater involvement with sustainable travel companies. Our network includes our website, email newsletter, and social media channels.

Other job websites only reach the most active job seekers in the travel industry sector. We reach all the sectors of sustainable travel.

So when you post with us, you get the following:

More applicants from highly qualified jobseekers

More applications from employed professionals

Fewer unqualified applicants.

On the Employer Dashboard, click the Edit link, make the changes to your listing, and click “Update.”

If you are unable to find your confirmation email, please Contact Us.

Please allow up to 24 hours for your job posting to appear on the website.

After you complete your listing, it will be reviewed by our site administrators before being added to the live website. Once the review is completed, the employer will be sent a confirmation email and a link to the Employer Dashboard. To make edits and remove your listing early, please follow the instructions on the Dashboard.

Job postings are removed once the listed application date has passed. However, employers often request a job be removed before the listed deadline

Jobs postings are available in all sectors of travel & transportation. The STTN job board is intended for employers who have committed to sustainability and are looking for employees desirous of working with committed companies.

Positions can include customer service representatives, flight attendants, deck hands, inside sales directors, sales managers, front desk operatives, casino workers, bartenders, operations management, administrative assistants/virtual assistants, hotel receptionists, concierges, environmental officers, marketing managers and assistant managers, recruitment managers, human resources managers, trainers, computer system specialists, corporate social responsibility officers, spa managers, assistant hotel managers, hotel managers, directors of purchasing, travel managers, assistant travel managers, guest and passenger services personnel, accountants, accounting managers, and any position in the travel & transportation sectors, whether hotel, ground transportation, car rental, travel agencies, chef, food and beverage workers, TMCs, and more.

If you are someone who is excited by the thought of working in the sustainable travel & transportation industry or are an employer looking for exceptional people, the STTN job board is for you.

On the employer dashboard, the employer will find a link to the listing to remove it. Click on the link, and your listing status will change to “Paused.”

You can reactivate a “Paused” listing until the expiration date, and the listing will reappear on the website. Click on the “Activate” link to the right of your listing to reactivate it.

If you are unable to find your confirmation email, please  contact Us. (Insert link for contact us). 

On the Employer Dashboard, click the Edit link, make the changes to your listing, and click “Update.”

If you are unable to find your confirmation email, please Contact Us.

Attachments or other documents are not permitted. Please include a URL to direct applicants to any application or marketing materials.

Most employers suggest that a candidate send a resume or CV when you are applying for positions. Other uploaded documents may also be encouraged by individual employers, including letters of recommendation, and cover letters as part of their application process.

Again, the requirements for a position are at the employers’ discretion or are required by law or regulation. These requirements may be included in the job posting or will be communicated later in the job application process.

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    Sign the Pledge

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    By clicking the button below, you agree to honor your pledge to support our organization.

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    By completing this from you are authorizing STTN to add your name, company name, affiliation and country to the signatories List.Your email will not be made public or shared. Please notethat it may take a few days before you apper on the list. The mention of specific services, routings, and vehicle types does not imply that they are endorsed or recommended by STTN in preference to others of a similar nature that are not mentioned and does not imply any intention to infringe the proprietary rights. The mention of specific companies or of certain manufacturer's product does not imply that they are endorsed or recommended by the United Nations in preference to others of a similar nature that are not mentioned and does not imply any intention to infringe proprietary rights.

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    By completing this from you are authorizing STTN to add your name, company name, affiliation and country to the signatories List.Your email will not be made public or shared. Please notethat it may take a few days before you apper on the list. The mention of specific services, routings, and vehicle types does not imply that they are endorsed or recommended by STTN in preference to others of a similar nature that are not mentioned and does not imply any intention to infringe the proprietary rights. The mention of specific companies or of certain manufacturer's product does not imply that they are endorsed or recommended by the United Nations in preference to others of a similar nature that are not mentioned and does not imply any intention to infringe proprietary rights.